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Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Tire Swing!

Ok, so this is one of those things in life that i never enjoyed because i was too busy cleaning and grocery shopping and other terrible things. Now that i am chillin in ding-a-ling-a-ding-dang country i thought i would make a tire swing. And just in case you feel like happily swinging from a tire, I thought i would provide some instruction on how to make it happen.

 I had no idea what i was doing so i made my hubby help me....and we figured it out.

At first i thought tire swings should be vertical, but it is MUCH better horizontal!

ROPE weighted for like..... hundreds of pounds
Driver/drill with drill bit big enough to make a hole for the rope
Washers the size of half dollars
{don't you just love my precise measurements?}

Get a driver and then let your kid drill holes in the tire. 

No seriously....drill 3 holes on EACH SIDE as the rope will go all the way through. The holes should be spaced evenly. Does that make sense? Good.

Now gather some slack in your rope, bunch the rest together and THROW it over the tree limb. Sorry i didn't take a picture of this part. I suck. Ok, then do it again, so it grips the limb better. You might have to try a few times. You will then have 2 lines hanging. Cut the lines so they are ready to attach to the tire.  

Then repeat the previous step. You only need 3 lines for the tire, so you will then see you have an extra line. Take that extra line and tie it around the tree. You are going to need it later.


Now that you have all the lines hanging from the tree, get your screwdriver push the rope through the top hole. It is rather frustrating but after some pushing it will go through. Do the same inside the tire through the bottom hole. 

Now slide the washer through the rope, so the washer is against the tire. Then tie some kind of an awesome knot a few times until its good to go. 

Repeat the whole rope,screwdriver,washer,knot thing 3 times.

Now, grab that extra line you tied around the tree, make like a monkey and climb that mofo. Good luck with that. 

Tie the hell out that rope. Climb down from the tree. Do not hurt yourself. 

Hopefully you leveled and slacked it correctly so it comes out somewhat evenly and high enough on the ground for the weight of people using it. No idea how to explain that one, so you are on your own.

My apologies if my tutorial sucks. But hey, it might work. 

Oh also, if it starts spinning out of control....try not to puke.