Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cotton Candy Galaxy

Photo by Head Above Heart
 2015 is off to a good start with the first of many rave designs for the one and only Bad Ass Raves. This time the theme was Cotton Candy Galaxy and what an amazing theme it was to play with.

I brought out the cotton candy pieces from the Epic Adventure rave in Richmond. These were originally made to be used as trees. 
These are fairly simple to make. You just cut and shape chicken wire, lie bunches of cotton stuffing down, spray it with spray adhesive, stick chicken wire forms to it and repeat. 
I spray painted the cotton forms with the Rustoleum 2x brand as it offers the best coverage. These were cotton candy clouds, so we went pink.
Once paint is dry, I sprayed it all down with a generous amount of flame retardant to make these safe as they are basically balls of fire waiting to happen.
I added RGB, color changing L.E.D strips and changed their arrangements to look like clouds.

We added some l.e.d. paper lantern stars and inflatables planets to add to the theme, arranged in an orbit like installation and then just let the magic happen.
Photo by HeadAboveHeart
Photo by Head Above Heart
Photo by Head Above Heart


  1. Where did you get the planets? Or did you make them? If so how did you make them?

  2. I have the same question as Caroline. I am planning a homecoming dance for the school I work at and we are having a space theme. It would be great to find out how you made the planets!!!

  3. they look like painted paper lanterns... I am wondering if the paint makes the cotton hard, i am thinking of doing something like this on a much much mutch smaller scale. to a cotton ball... so like necklace charm size i want to retain the fluffy look but make the cotton ball harder and more durable so rubbing up against a shirt wont rip it apart