Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Pics with Santa - A Set Design

This was a quick and easy gig I did over the holiday. Sponsored by The Donna Kerr Group to benefit the Wheaton Volunteer Rescue Squad, kids could come get their pics with Santa. I had to come up with an affordable and quick set design for Santa to sit in. I came up with a North Pole theme, complete with Whoville trees, presents, candy and a North Pole sign. 
The sign's pole was a simple piece of pvc pipe. The sign pieces were made from thin sanded plywood, cut with a jigsaw and then painted. The letters were first created in Adobe Illustrator, then printed to create a stencil, traced, painted and glittered. I wrapped ribbon around the pole and a couple of the arrows for some added detail.
The presents were just empty boxes, wrapped. Easy stuff.
 The candy pieces were made from 1" blue foam board, bought at Lowe's. I cut the circles using a jig saw, painted white 2-3 coats, then free handed the swirls, painted and glittered.
The trees were pretty easy to create. These were also made from 1" foam board from Lowe's, free handed, painted and glittered around the edges. I glued 1" pvc pipe to the back, leaving 2 inches of pipe exposed at the bottom so they could be freestanding. The pvc then got attached to wooden boards with holes sawed out to fit the pipes. I up lit them with simple par 38s.

For final touches, I added snow blanket batting to the floor to create the snowy effect.


  1. Love your work Rania! This turned out fantastic!

  2. I just found you through Instructables, and knew I had to follow your blog! Halloween is my favorite holiday and I used to decorate to the nines for it. Can't do it anymore, but I still love to look at decorations, and do a tiny bit of collecting. Your Santa's workshop is amazing. I am so in awe of your talent. Keep up the good work. 8-)

    xo Linda

  3. Very beautifully done. Just what I needed!!

  4. How many foam boards did you use for everything?