Wednesday, August 29, 2012

An old abandoned house.

So this farm i am living on has an amazing work of art deep into the property. An old abandoned house from the 1800s that is literally falling in on itself. Halloween is approaching and this house gets me in the spirit. I can not wait for Autumn and Winter to arrive so i can go back with some Halloween props to do a photo shoot. Right now it is overgrown with summer growth. The picture above was taken during the winter - hence the death like feel of the woods. My good friend Bird Finch took some beautiful photos and I did a little post processing on them. Black and White photos by Danny O'Doyle Davidson. Thought i would share.



  1. That is so interesting Rania. I'm a Halloween junkie and Civil War buff. Thanks for sharing the pics. I've bookmarked this site and the one on and look forward to any future postings and adventures you might trek out on.

  2. Thanks Vincent! I should have some great content soon. I am about to embark on a 20' scarecrow build. :)