Friday, September 16, 2011


I have been living on this amazing farm for 6 months now. It feels like a dream. I am really lucky to have found this beautiful home, so perfectly situated in nature, yet close enough for my husband to be able to get to work. Sometimes i get lonely though; it's so isolated. There is literally no one around me. There are no neighbors. There are no roads. The only things i hear are dogs & trains in the distance, owls in the trees, wild turkeys gobbling in the forest and HOLY CRAP, bugs. There are so many bugs; spiders, snakes, groundhogs, flies, vultures, you name it. Sometimes at night, my dogs freak out and if i'm home alone, it feels a little unsettling. But i love it and wouldn't change it for the world. I have even started listening to Bluegrass music. I have gone from a techno loving city girl to a bluegrass listening, chicken owning, country gal. And I think i might be losing it a little. I talk to my chickens; I see faces in inanimate objects and think bugs are aliens. 

Autumn is less than 1 week away, so i thought i would take a look back at my first 6 months in ding a ling a ding dang land - bugs, snakes, talking barns and all. 

That is Silo. He is lonely. He has been alone for over a hundred years. He is very wise though. 
Morning FOG.
I promise i will do an AFTER Photo shoot of the interior. I have been trying to do this for some time, but my filthy 3 dogs and my mud slinging 4 year old keep destroying every opportunity i have of taking a quality picture. 
This is the road to the property. :)
The driveway.
My favorite chicken. Still trying to figure out her name. My son wants to name her FART.
The chickens just began laying. I no longer have to buy eggs and they are so tasty! I am on my way to sustainable living!
I am about to show you many pictures of dirt. You know why? Because i MADE IT! I started a compost pile in the spring. I JUST NOW turned the pile (which you are supposed to do frequently, but i suck, so i didn't.) But what did i find? Beautiful, wonderful, amazing DIRT. Compost if you will. I MADE COMPOST. I RULE. I AM THE RULER OF COMPOST.
Look at that beautiful compost! Check out my Garden Take 2 Post for a list of items i put in to create this beautiful spectacle of dirt.
I have decided that i am moving my beginner's garden to the other side of the farm house, where i will begin my transition into sustainable living. Because i am going insane living in the country, i have also adopted the theory that the world is going to collapse soon. So just in case that happens, i want to be prepared with a fully functioning garden filled with various fruits, vegetables and some protein type foods like soy and peanuts. This new garden site will be a challenge as a good bit of it is rocky and full of clay. But i like a challenge. We are discussing getting some goats and maybe one day some sheep or Alpacas. But for now, one step at a time.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Haha... if the zombies come I'm totally coming to your house! ;) I hope you take us in! lol! BTW, you should totally get a Jersey cow. I love your pictures... and your talking silo. :)

  2. Thanks Laura! And you are welcome to come for the Zombie takeover. I call this place the Apocalyptic Bed and Breakfast. LOL