Friday, July 1, 2011

A Garden! Where stuff actually grows!

So remember how i said i tend to fly by the seat of my pants? Yeah that does not always work out. Especially when it comes to keeping stuff alive. 

Couple things i have learned about the country.
1. The scariest, biggest bugs live here.
2. Weeds are EVIL. Do NOT be fooled by their pretty flowers.
3. Farm cats may LOOK cute........ until they eat your chickens. 

I will save the bug pictures and chicken stories for later cause right now its all about my ROCK ASS CUCUMBERS......and well i am proud of myself.....cause OMG I SUCK AT GARDENING.

Obviously by now you are understanding that my garden did NOT go as planned. When i originally planted everything, it was all from seeds. By the time my peppers turned into seedlings i forgot about watering them, then put them outside and a rainstorm blew them to the next state.
I sowed my tomatoes - none of which survived.
The 3rd bed drowned sooo badly from the heavy spring rains, that all the seeds washed away and weeds literally took over.
I managed to grow some Aragula and Spinach - which were beautiful until they suddenly bolted and DIED.
My Brussel sprouts got eaten alive - although i have managed to salvage them {for now}
The carrots, garlic, onion and parsley are the only vegetables that managed to thrive from the original planting.
Some stuff never even sprouted. No Artichokes. No Cauliflower. No Beans. No Cabbage. No All Kinds of Stuff.

OK granted i kind of didn't care for it the way i should have, but hey that's how we learn right? At least it wasn't a puppy.

I won't bother showing you pics of the first attempt at a garden. Just know it was full of suck.
But after coming to terms with my horrific gardening skills, i decided i would conquer my failure with store purchased plants! YAY!

Bell Pepper
Cherry Tomato

2nd Bed After its makeover. Cucumbers are along the back, making their way up to the trellis.
The 3rd bed after it's makeover - String Beans coming up on the right

I saved my Brussel Sprouts! Added all new Cabbage. 
                                                                                                                                                                                          I am using an all natural soap spray to keep the insects off the leaf Veggies. I have found they are the hardest to keep healthy. Spinach, Cabbage, Lettuce, etc. The bugs LOVE them. 

Banana Pepper
At this point i may try to only start with actual plants in the Spring. I did just plant some new seeds of Arugula, Spinach, Radish, Beans and Beets {all of which are sprouting happily}. And i am giving it a shot with Watermelon and Cantaloupe.We shall see how that goes.

One thing that i am thoroughly enjoying though is my compost bin! There is sooo much to compost here in the country!
A Deer Skull i found on the land. He is now the compost spirit.
I made the compost bin out of some wooden pallets i found on the farm. I simply attached them to the fence and started filling it up on a daily basis.

Here is a list of all the stuff i have been composting with:
  • Grass
  • Random cow poop {how do cows randomly roam the farm? We don't have ANY cows}
  • Rich Soil i found behind the barn
  • Some weeds
  • Coffee grounds {daily}
  • Vegetable & Fruit Scraps
  • Chicken Coop Cleanups {straw, wood chips and POOP!}
  • Dead Plant clippings

I am going to make some hand painted wooden signs for the garden as soon as i'm feeling crafty. 
Check back in a few weeks. 
Hopefully i will have stopped killing things by then. 


  1. Wow! It is really looking good. You will make a country girl out of yourself yet! Nice pics too.

  2. What this happy horseshit about you not being good at gardening? I'm jealous as *hell*

  3. haha Hugo. I DID suck but im doing ok now! I actually picked a Zucchini yesterday the size of a HORSE PENIS! I followed your advice and left town!

  4. Love your website...funny, informative and great admiration for your being bold enough to make such a change in your life style! Thanks for sharing with us!

    Joy in Ct.

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