Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Adam Special - A {VEGETARIAN} Recipe

This is a Sandwich I have been eating for years. It is simple and absolutely delicious. 
English Muffin or Bagel or whatever you prefer {i like English Muffins and the Sandwich size is even better!}
Whipped Cream Cheese
Swiss Cheese {2 slices}
Alfafa Sprouts
Red Onion {sliced}
Tomato {1 slice}
Avocado {optional}
- Toast the English Muffin in a Toaster
- Spread Cream Cheese on both sides
- Lay 1 slice of swiss cheese on both sides
-Put in oven at 325 Degrees until cheese is melted
- Add tomato slice, onion & sprouts to bottom half {Avocado optional and awesome}
- Close it up!
- Enjoy and bring a napkin cause all that yummy gooey cheesiness will get all over! 

ps. Adam is a dude that served this to me at the Paper Moon Diner in Baltimore in the late 90's. I have been eating it ever since. Thanks Adam!


  1. That sounds really good, except the swiss cheese but that is easily swapped!

  2. Funny - I make a similar one but add pepper jack cheese from Trader Joe's and skip the sprouts if they aren't growing. Love the blog - just poking around.