Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shrimp, Pineapple Pasta in a Tomato White Wine Cream Sauce w Asparagus and all kinds of other delicious things.

This is my favorite summertime dish. You could easily substitute the shrimp with chicken or scallop or just vegetables or whatever your imagination can think of, but i prefer Shrimp today. 

{For this recipe i used fresh basil, oregano and thyme from my garden}

Angel Hair or Linguine or your favorite pasta
Dozen Shrimp {uncooked, de-veined, peeled} 
{Shrimp AND Scallop is also great}
Asparagus {break stalks in half naturally}
Fresh Pineapple {cut into chunks}
2 Medium Whole Tomatoes {smashed, sliced and all that stuff}
6-8 Cherry Tomatoes
8 oz. Mushrooms {sliced}
4 Shallots {minced}
3 Garlic Cloves {minced}
Olive Oil
Lemon Juice
3/4 cup White Wine {or whatever white wine you are drinking with dinner}
2 Tablespoons Half & Half
Parmesan/Romano Grated or Shredded Cheese
Crushed Red Pepper {to taste}
Salt {to taste}
Pepper {to taste}
Italian Seasoning or your preferred spices {to taste}
Garlic Bread {optional}
Preheat oven to 350 Degrees for garlic bread
 - In large frying Pan, heat olive oil and shallot over medium high heat {5 minutes until shallot is translucent}
- Add garlic & bring to medium heat{5 minutes}
- Add mushrooms, some wine, lemon juice, spices, salt&pepper, crushed red pepper  {5-10 minutes}
{If juices ever start to run dry, add more wine, olive oil &/or lemon as needed}
- Add sliced/crushed tomato, stir {few minutes}
- Boil water for Pasta
- Add asparagus & pineapple and squirt some juice from pineapple into pan {5 minutes}
- Garlic Bread in Oven
- Add shrimp and cherry tomatoes, squirt lemon, stir everything around gently to get juices on veggies and fruits {cover on medium/low heat for another 10 minutes}
- Add Angel Hair to water till tender {3 minutes}
-Remove and strain pasta
- Prior to serving, add half & half slowly to center of saucepan and stir in to sauce gently to let mix in thoroughly
- Add Grated Cheese and stir
- Pour sauce over Pasta and SERVE
- Sprinkle additional cheese cause cheesy is good. 

Serve with White Wine.  
My selection today is Cambria 2007 Chardonnay 

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  1. This looks delicious Rania! :) Glad I stopped by your blog!