Thursday, June 2, 2011

Life is for having..............

Photo by Travis Payne

There is nothing i love more in life than throwing parties. From the invitations, drinks and decor, to the memories it bestows - it is a chance to bring old and new friends together for the simple pleasures of celebrating life and having fun. 

This past weekend i hosted an epic weekend of funky farm goodness - complete with amazing music and the best people one could ever hope to be friends with. Do i need a reason to throw a party? No way, but this time i wanted nothing more than to share the beauty and atmosphere of this amazing farm with my loved ones and kick off summer with a bang. I'm still feeling nostalgic, so forgive me if i get all squishy on you. <3 

The farm party was called The Funky Fun Farm Jam. One thing i have always loved about throwing parties is the  invitation and play on words. My favorite thing to do is take something ordinary and give it character. My friend, Dan, called it the farm jam one day and, well, it simply blossomed into this. A bottle of jam. Funky orange jam.

To make sure the party-goers didn't feel like they were going to a homicidal maniac's house deep in the back neck dirt roads of Deliverance country, i made them some road markers. I'm so sure it made them feel better. 

I just found some old wood lying around the barn, cut it and hand drew the jam jar, then painted in. I attached them to signs along the roads where there were turns in directions. No arrows, no instruction - more scavenger hunt style. 

Then i made signs so people knew where to park, camp and get gas for the Go-Kart Racing.

For lighting, i got on ebay and found some really cheap chinese lanterns. I already had a ton of christmas lights in the attic, so i strung them through and between each lantern. I got {10} 12" orange lanterns for $20 on ebay. Great deal.

Inside the patio, i continued the lantern theme with smaller ones i got at Walmart and Target. I think it was $15 a box or something like that - with lights.

Some Par 38s for uplighting thanks to my awesome friend Dan. Helps to know people in lighting. I highly recommend it.

Mirror balls are a staple for any party anytime. 
This is a variation on the mirror ball. I made this many years ago. Made of pvc tubing, broken mirrors {some thrown on the ground and some hand cut}, and a little time, patience and blood , you get a very unique light reflection. But enough with decor. Back to the fun. 

Shrimp, pineapple and onion kabobs, Rib Eye Steaks, jalapeƱos and shallots marinating in Soy Vey Teriyaki Sauce. 

but most importantly......

photo by Travis Payne

photo by Travis Payne

This is dedicated to my friends.  I love you guys. 

Till next time..............


  1. looks like a kick ass party, so bummed I couldn't make it.... maybe next time!!

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  3. Well done Rania. I had such a super time at this gathering. I cannot wait until the next one! I'm really loving this blog too! Great Work!

  4. Aww this is cute. I love it!!

  5. Awesome! I wish I could have made it. Looks like it was amazing.

  6. Wow I am sharing this with everyone. Very nice. A great way to savor the Jam for a lifetime. Next time: Color blasts and Lekos.

    Love you all.
    Dan AKA Gambyt

  7. This gives me the super warm fuzzies.